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Xavia360 offers
consultancy services in
web and printmedia
design. we provide
design solutions,
from conceptualization to
execution; covering
corporate ID development,
GUIs,Website Design
& Development & print media

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we are logical

what xavia means?

Xavia means angle. the exact word is zavia (in urdu language) but we use 'x' instead of 'z' to give our name a different class and luxury. And X become existance when 2 angles crosses each other.

the 360.
Selecting 360 as the number of degrees (i.e., smallest practical sub-arcs) in a circle was probably based on the fact that 360 is approximately the number of days in a year. Its use is often said to originate from the methods of the ancient Babylonians.

The logo of xavia360.
when you see the logo of xavia360 you can clearly see the two brush strokes which makes x. the x alphabet has the four dimensions and makes hundreds of angels. we don't wanna miss any angle for our clients to give them what they want. our logo clearly gives you every flare and every way to design and develop a good design or a product or maybe any thing.

So our company logo and name has a logic behind. So we are very commited and ready to serve our clients with every angle

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